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Fundamentals of Business Leadership Simulation

Management failure is one of the leading reasons for a business to miss its business goals. Too often, new managers are thrust into a supervisory or managerial position with little or no training on what it means and what it takes to be a good manager. As a result, up to 50% of first-time managers fail within the first year. This is why Advantexe has developed the Fundamentals of Business Leadership (FBL) business simulation.

FBL is a computer-based scenario-based simulation that provides new leaders with the opportunity to learn and apply the skills they need in order to be successful leading a team in today’s competitive global marketplace. 

In the simulation, participants play one year in the life of a new manager. They practice managing time, communicating and managing different personality styles, aligning team goals with organizational objectives, and coaching and giving feedback in order to drive improved individual and organizational performance and cross-functional collaboration.

FBL can be used to support an existing program or Advantexe can deliver a complete live learning journey. 

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