Why we are Different

Advantexe has extensive experience working with a variety of large organizations developing talent through the use of full-cycle simulation-centric learning process. 

We are different because our approach really works.  Advantexe understands business, large business-process-image.pngorganizations, the process of talent development, and how business simulation centric learning develops the skills needed to develop world-class talent.  Our ROI assessments prove that participants learn better and more effectively and are able to make an immediate impact on business performance. Our clients tell us we are different because of our:

  • Simulation Customization - Using our proprietary and award winning   simulation development platforms, we have the ability to customize, or tailor,  a business simulation to your exact needs, business ecosystem, and business challenges and opportunities. 
  • Comprehensive learning journey - an approach that provides continuous learning that includes content, learning tools, and business simulation designed together to drive change back on the job.
  • Live-real plays within the simulation - real in-the momment, live role plays that integrate directly with the computer-based simulation.
  • Training Reinforcement - Advantexe’s Advance™ reinforcement process is built on Qstream’s cloud-based platform, which has been proven in more than 20 controlled trials to boost retention and change on-the-job behaviors with impact to the bottom line.
  • Experience - Over 25 years of experience developing and delivering global simulation-centric talent management solutions across a variety of industries and business disciplines. 
  • Focus on the Customer - Our teams are dedicated to the success of your individual engagement and carefully and skillfully tailor and customize every element of the project to your needs. 
  • Communications Fingerprint - to ensure success and to create internal brand, awareness, and recognition of your solution, Advantexe has the resources to help you develop an integrated, internal and sometimes external communications plan. 
  • Results - Staff certified by the ROI Institute® will work with you  to develop an evaluation and measurement approach including ROI, if desired.


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