Psychological safety is defined as a workplace climate enabled by emotional intelligence that allows people to take risks, learn from mistakes, give candid feedback, and innovate. When your environment is not psychologically safe, people tend to keep ideas to themselves, shut down, and enter a self-preservation mode. None of that is good for business.

To help organizations create an inclusive culture with decreased employee disengagement, fear, anxiety, and high turnover, Advantexe has created the Leading Psychological Safety simulation and learning experience.  

About the Simulation

The Leading Psychological Safety simulation is part of an asynchronous or synchronous learning journey. Itpsych-safety can be played by individuals or by teams, either online or in the classroom.

Learners begin the simulation by learning about psychological safety and its impact on the workplace. Inspired by the work of Tim Clark, learners will practice the principles of psychological safety in a risk-free environment.

From there, learners will tackle a series of 4 scenarios where they will step into various roles within a fictional organization. Each scenario will present situations in which psychological safety has been impacted and the learner will practice taking actions to create a more inclusive working environment.

Each scenario within the simulation provides a set of key takeaways and action items for learners to bring back to their day-to-day roles.

Learning Outcomes

The simulation allows learners to practice the critical skills and competencies required to effectively protect employee’s well-being within the business setting including,

  1. Psychological Safety
  2. Engagement
  3. Business Leadership

Time: The digital learning experience takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete.

Best Uses: The program can be integrated into an LMS through single-source sign-on (SSO) for individual play, integrated into an existing program at your company to further enhance the interactivity and effectiveness of the learning, or Advantexe’s team of experienced facilitators can deliver a virtual program anywhere in the world.

Audience: The simulation is designed for professionals at all levels 

Learn More

To learn more about the Psychological Safety simulation, learning journey, or our Masterclass, complete the form on the right. If you would like to schedule a demonstration, please email us at james.brodo@advantexe.com and we can set up a call. 


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