Strategic Execution Business Simulation

According to leadership expert Ram Charan, 70% of strategic failures are due not to a lack of smarts or vision, but to poor execution. That’s because no matter how well-crafted a strategy is, the leaders and individual contributors in the organization need to execute it.

To help organizations better implement their strategies, Advantexe has developed an interactive business simulation called Leading Strategic Execution business simulation (LSE).

Leading Strategic Execution™ is a two-round, digital business simulation in which participants align, communicate, motivate, and drive their direct and indirect teams to execute the organizational strategy in order to achieve revenue, growth, and profit targets.

How Does the Simulation Work?

Participants assume the role of an Operations Manager for ABC, Inc and in this role must translate the CEO’s high level strategy into priority initiatives for their Business Unit and then lead their people to execute flawlessly.

Faced with over 25 different business scenarios that are based on research of real-life situations, learners weave their way through an interactive story line that unfolds based upon the learner’s decisions. Learners react to events, interact with virtual colleagues, and directly respond to their teams challenges.

At the end of each simulation round, learners receive extensive written feedback on each decision and a simulation score card that is tied to the  competencies critical to a manager’s ability to lead strategic execution including;

  • Setting Objectives
  • Managing Initiatives
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Evaluating Performance

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What They Learn

The simulation provides much needed experience and best practices for helping participants to understand, interpret and implement the simulated company’s business strategy including;

  • Identifying the priority business objectives and key results their area of responsibility needs to achieve based on organizational strategy
  • Communicating these priorities to teams and individual contributors
  • Setting performance objectives for their teams
  • Overseeing multiple initiatives through cross-functional coordination and individual coaching, mentoring and feedback

Best Uses of the Simulation

The LSE simulation helps participants to build new skills in a risk-free learning environment.  It can be used…

  • as a standalone eLearning experience hosted on Advantexe’s learning portal
  • embedded into one of your existing leadership development programs
  • integrated into Advantexe’s customized, award winning Business Leadership learning journey

Target Audience

The LSE simulation tool is designed for senior, middle and front-line leaders to help them understand how to see the big picture and lead through alignment, communication, and prioritization of initiatives.

Customized Solutions

A standard version of the LSE business simulation is available through deployment on Advantexe’s learning portal. We can work with you to develop a customized version to your direct needs, situations, initiatives, and can even include scenarios directly effecting your company and industry. As part of the customization process, each decision of the simulation can be tied back to the behaviors and commitments of each of your desired organizational competencies and practices.

Learn more

To learn more about the Advantexe’s LSE simulation and business acumen training solutions, please contact Jim Brodo at

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