Test decision-making, make mistakes, and safely learn from practice and experience

Business simulations are a proven and effective tool for driving the application of newly-learned concepts.  business-acumen-sim-icon.pngIn just a few clicks, they provide  the "A Ha" moment of learning a risk-free, engaging environment where innovation and creativity can be applied in a real-world setting to strengthen critical thinking skills and the effectiveness of learning. 

The Business Simulation Experience

Advantexe’s business acumen and management simulations are interactive learning tools that challenge participants to learn about the systemic nature of business. Used as the centerpiece of Advantexe's Business Acumen, Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling learning journeys, our simulations are sophisticated digital activities in which teams of participants (or individuals) are put in control of a company and manage the daily operations for several periods. 

Working in a complex and competitive simulated marketplace, teams compete against each other (or against our AI bots) for market share, brand awareness, and building a stream of customers. They are responsible for total company management by overseeing business operations including choosing a strategy, setting policy, driving sales and brew-2-screen-shot.pngmarketing, managing manufacturing and supply chain, and investing in R&D...  just to name a few. Learners analyze their simulated company's business performance using financial reports, key financial ratios, and other critical business metrics that matter.  Ultimately, the objective of the simulation is to create value for their shareholders, customers, and employees.


So much more than a simple "business game," Advantexe's simulations require participants to contemplate business management in a holistic and systemic way, where knowledge in the areas of business are synthesized and integrated into an interactive and experiential exercise. Participants make decisions and see the immediate business results through real-time interactions and embedded simulation tools.

Our simulations develop skills in many areas, including:

  • Executing business strategy
  • Understanding customer segmentation and market demand
  • Evaluating competition
  • Analyzing customer needs and trends
  • Assessing internal strengths and weaknesses
  • Determining the value of R&D investment and innovation
  • Appreciating the complexities of manufacturing and supply change management
  • Recognizing the impact operational decisions have on financial performance

Industry Specific

Advantexe simulations reveal that certain basic frameworks of business strategy and execution can be applied to any business ecosystem.  We customize for clients across all industries including, technology, financial services,  professional services, specialty chemicals, healthcare, produce distribution... just to name a few.

Custom Business Simulation Development:

Advantexe's simulations can be customized to your specific requirements and can include your business metrics. Simulations can be played online or at live learning events. We can even develop leader boards, a or contest for more of a "gamification" focused type of learning. 

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