Overview:  According to Gallup, coaching in the workplace is necessary to engage and retain today’s workforce. And a recent study found that 54 percent of companies with a strong coachingCoaching-for-business-sucess-horiz culture are classified as high-performing organizations, compared with only 29 percent of those without a strong coaching culture.

Advantexe’s Coaching for Business Success™ is a digital business simulation in which participants can practice their coaching skills by applying the GROW coaching model (Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward).

The simulation presents engaging, realistic scenarios to help build coaching skills and confidence in a risk-free learning environment. 


About the Simulation

Participants take on the role of a mid-level manager at ABC Inc. who is leading a team of individualcoaching-for-business-success contributors. ABC’s goal is to build a coaching culture as a way to better engage employees and drive business results.

Every decision links to one or more of five competencies: Coaching dialogue, Coaching effectiveness, Coaching approach, Team Engagement, and Business Productivity. After each round of the simulation, learners receive a scorecard showing how well they performed as a coach, as well as how engaged and productive their team is. They also receive written feedback on every decision made.

Learning Outcomes: 

This simulation is an interactive learning tool that provides the opportunity to practice three competencies critical to coaching for business success including, 

  • Coaching Dialogue – knowing which step in the GROW coaching model to use at each point in the coaching dialogue and how to apply the step successfully
  • Coaching Effectiveness - conducting successful coaching dialogues by preparing well, asking more than telling, listening, empathizing, and being positive and supportive
  • Coaching Approach - following overall coaching best practices to create a culture of continuous coaching and growth

How to Use the Simulation? 

The program can be integrated into an LMS through single-source sign-on (SSO) for individual play, integrated into an existing talent development program at your company to further enhance the interactivity and effectiveness of the learning or Advantexe’s team of experienced facilitators can deliver a virtual program anywhere in the world.

Time: The simulation is composed of four scenarios, one for each type of business conflict. It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and can be delivered online for individuals, or as part of a live or virtual training event. As part of a learning journey, the simulation and content can be completed in 3-4 hours. 

Audience: The simulation is designed for people leaders at any level who can benefit from the opportunity to enhance their developmental coaching skills.

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