Strategic Business Prospecting® simulation.

Learn to generate, qualify and close new business

Ensure the sales pipeline is always full


Which are the right prospects to target?
What research should I do before picking up the phone or sending an email?
How can I talk about my products in a way that breaks through?
How will I adapt to the prospect’s social style?
How can I use social selling to connect, build my personal brand, and stay top of mind?


Advantexe’s Strategic Business Prospecting Simulation focuses on building the critical skills needed to improve the prospecting function. The simulation presents provocative, realistic scenarios to help build prospecting skills in a risk-free learning environment.


Target Audience

Strategic Business Prospecting ™ is designed for inside sales and other sales professionals who are responsible to generate, qualify and close new business.


How does the Simulation Work?

Participants take on the role of an inside sales professional (ISP) at ABC Inc. The storyline unfolds over several simulated months as participants strive to meet their sales quota. Interactions and decision points include:

  • Networking to generate leads
  • Applying business acumen when researching prospect companies
  • Using social selling methodologies to connect to prospects, lead sources, and others
  • Adapting to a prospect’s social style
  • Qualifying opportunities using strategic business questioning skills
  • Positioning value compellingly
  • Gaining agreement to an actionable next step

The Prospecting Challenge

In the simulation, the sales professional pursues several leads. As the simulation begins, participants receive a lead to follow, and they build on this lead as the storyline unfolds, until they are working to close multiple opportunities. They conduct research on the prospect companies by analyzing their financials, and identify key points to use on their initial call to gain the contact’s interest. Along the way they attend networking events and utilize social selling approaches to begin building a brand and creating a virtual network.


Scoring and Feedback

At the end of each round, participants receive a scorecard showing how well
they performed in the four competencies of strategic business prospecting,
and written feedback on every decision made. The feedback highlights
sales best practices participants can use back on the job.


The simulation consists of 20 decisions divided into three rounds.
Each round takes approximately 30 minutes for an individual or small
team to complete.

Focused Competencies 

Every decision in the simulation is tied to one or more of these competencies
critical to a sales professional’s ability to generate and close new business.

Lead nurturing

Using networking, email and voicemail to create interest and urgency as you establish credibility and build awareness of your company and product

Social selling

Leveraging digital media tools to research prospects, make connections and generate leads

Business acumen

Understanding the customer’s business strategy, financial goals and metrics, and business challenges and opportunities in order to more effectively connect and sell

Sales meetings

Conducting sales dialogues in a way that
matches prospects’ social style, focuses on their business issues, positions value, and gains commitment to an actionable next step in the sales process
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