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Advantexe is a pioneer in the design, development, and delivery of interactive simulation-centric learning journeys.  We have extensive backgrounds in business, talent development, and simulation design which adds significant insights to the overall development of your company’s learning solution. We partner with you to provide innovative business simulation-centric solutions that provide high impact and a realistic participant experience that drives engagement and training effectiveness.

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Joseph Gekoski


Joseph Gekoski is Chairman of Advantexe Learning Solutions. He was a co-founder of Strategic Management Group, Inc. in 1981 and, prior to the sale of the company in 2000, was its President and Chief Operating Officer. >> Learn more about Joe.


Jim Brodo

Chief Marketing Officer

Jim is an award-winning marketing executive with a proven background in driving pipeline value, revenue creation, and return on marketing investment through innovative demand generation strategies and tactics across digital and traditional mediums.   >> Learn more about Jim


Eric Pressey

Chief Simulation Designer

Eric Pressey is Chief Simulation Designer at Advantexe. He is responsible for directing the development and delivery of Advantexe's total enterprise business simulations and technology platforms. >> Learn more about Eric. 



Robert S. Brodo

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rob is President and Chief Executive Officer of Advantexe Learning Solutions.  As the CEO of the firm, Rob is responsible for setting and executing the strategy of Advantexe. >> Learn more about Rob.


Marianne Morris

Chief Instructional Design Officer

Marianne has 25+ years of experience designing experiential learning using simulations for Fortune 1000 clients to increase knowledge, change behavior, and drive business results. >> Learn More about Marianne



Chris Montes

Senior Simulation Architect

Chris facilitates on-site and virtual simulation programs, researches industry trends, and designs computer-based simulations tailored to specific client industries. >> Learn more about Chris


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