Pharmaceutical Marketing Business Simulation

Pharmaceutical Marketing Simulation

Advantexe's Pharmaceutical Marketing Simulation is an interactive and hands-on learning tool designed to help pharmaceutical marketers;

  • Gain insights into strategic and tactical digital marketing in support of the strategic and financial sides of running a pharmaceutical company
  • Understand the tools of marketing and how they impact financial and business results

Through this simulated experience learners have the opportunity to manage and market a sophisticated portfolio of specialty pharmaceutical products in a market that will soon experience new therapies and emerging competition.  The simulation allows learners to build critical skills and experience the systemic consequences of their actions by uncovering the interactions that can prevent or assist in the execution of strategy. 

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How the Simulation Works

In the simulation, learners take the role of Vice President of Marketing and member of the BH-silver-2018Senior Leadership Team. In this role, they are responsible for making operational marketing decisions in support of the overall company strategy.  The simulation helps learners to better understand how their marketing decision-making impacts revenue generation, cost management, and profitability. Within the simulation are multiple challenges and tactical opportunities that learners must navigate and choose to invest in including:

  • Launching new and “NextGen” products
  • New competition entering the marketplace
  • Patient portal development
  • Deciding on 3rd party media buys
  • HCP communication and education

The Value of Simulation

Learning new skills and changing behavior takes practice, and simulation provides immediate and meaningful feedback by allowing participants to experience the financial impact of their actions in both the short and long term. Key simulation decisions include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing team size and focus
  • Marketing training
  • Marketing budgeting
  • Marketing mix
  • Messaging focus
  • Communication channels
  • Special promotions
  • Sales enablement


The simulation can be delivered to global audiences, including:

  • Marketers going through onboarding
  • Junior Marketers
  • Account Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers

Flexible Delivery

The simulation can be used as part of an Advantexe integrated learning journey, or because of its unlimited flexibility for learning, can be delivered as part of any existing learning solution –  whether in a live or virtual classroom, as an eLearning module, or as some sort of blended solution.

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