"With Business Strategy, you cannot be everything to everyone. If you decide to go north, you cannot go south at the same time.” ~ Jeroen De Flander

Research on the effectiveness of strategy execution argues that 50% business-strategy-advantexeof all strategies fail, while others indicate it is as high as 90%. What ever the data, it seems clear... organizations have a difficult time, developing, maintaining and aligning to a company strategy

Here is How We Can Help 

To help build skills to improve strategic execution, Advantexe works with companies to develop interactive and hands-on, in-person and virtual learning journeys. Our business strategy learning journeys integrate critical strategy models and frameworks related to assessing, planning and execution.  By providing learners with the foundations of strategic thinking and management, learners are better able to explore implications of business decision-making and how to use business and financial insight as  to effectively execute strategic decisions in both the short- and long-term. 

Our business strategy engagements are delivered either self-paced, virtual/ live, instructor-led, or a combination that fits your needs. Programs typically include:

  • Assessment 
  • Pre-work
  • Live or virtual learning  sessions
  • Digital business simulation
  • Application tools
  • Measurement and impact studies
  •  ... just to name a few.

The Power of Practice - Simulation-centric Learning

At the heart of the solution, a cloud-based, digital business simulation R&D-decisionsprovides experience and practice for the application of newly learned skills, in a risk-free and learn-by-doing learning environment. 

The simulation allows learners to choose and identify a strategy and then implement it through cross-functional decision-making. In real time, learners are able to see the cause and effects that their decisions have on the effectiveness of strategy execution and the metrics that matter. 

Program Objectives Include:

  • Enhance strategic thinking capabilities
  • Utilize tools for strategic analysis and strategy formulation
  • Practice using frameworks for business strategy
  • Understand contemporary strategic models
  • Conduct a competitor analysis and establish competitive advantage
  • Link strategy to execution
  • Create a strategic plan
  • Understand the financial implications of strategic and tactical decisions

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