Sound financial management is a road map to success!

  • How do you drive shareholder value?


  • What is capital budgeting?
  • How do you read and understand financial statements? 
  • How do you calculate total shareholder return? 
  • What exactly is EBITDA? 

Businesses, more than ever, are faced with rapid change, disruption, and intensified expectations. Your managers, emerging leaders, individual contributors, and leaders, many of whom have no business or financial background, need to fully understand the implications of their business decision-making and how they can directly affect your company’s performance metrics and drive for shareholder value.

Here is How we Can Help

Advantexe’s financial acumen learning journeys are part of our business acumen development competency and services. This series of training programs provide non-financial and financial personnel with new skills and tools needed to measure the success of their decision-making on strategy execution. 

Our comprehensive learning journeys help participants to understand and apply financial principles, methods and techniques. They include a series of flexible learning objects including;

  • Assessment 
  • Pre-work
  • Live or virtual learning  sessions
  • Computer-based business simulation
  • Application tools
  • Measurement and impact studies
  •  ... just to name a few.

The Power of Practice - Simulation-centric learning

Our financial literacy and skill building learning journeys integrate a deep understanding of financial topics by using immersive business simulation to help develop new skills and interactively illustrate how to understand a company's finances.


Advantexe's business simulations are proven and effective tools for driving the application newly-learned concepts.  They provide a risk-free, engaging environment that  strengthens skills and improves the effectiveness of learning. 

Our business simulations present participants the opportunity  to develop and execute a business strategy.  By making a series of cross-functional operational decisions, learners are able to see and experience the immediate effects of those decisions on the simulated financial results and outcomes. The simulation can be calibrated to reflect any industry or business model by adjusting the market dynamics and elasticities of the base conditions. 

Program Objectives Include: 

  • Read and understand financial statements
  • Utilize financial statement analysis tools
  • Understand key financial performance metrics such as EBITDA
  • Analyze company and competitor financial reports
  • Understand the drivers of creating shareholder value
  • Conduct a strategic financial analysis
  • Understand and apply economic profit

Solution Flexibility

Advantexe's interactive business education programs are delivered either self-paced, virtual/live, instructor-led live, or a combination of any delivery methods that fits your needs.

Program Benefits

  • Simple way to learn and  understand a difficult topic 
  • Can be customized to your organization
  • Interactive learning elements
  • Hands-on, cloud-based business simulations
  • Simulation performance analytics can provide additional insight into performance and skill gaps

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