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Advantexe has deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the pharmaceutical industry. We have partnered with most of the leading pharmaceutical companies during our 25 years of experience providing customized talent development solutions and a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf business simulations.

We help you to meet the changing and evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry by building the needed skills of high potentials, R&D professionals, Supply Chin Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, HR Professionals, Finance Professionals, and many more. From pressures in pricing and how to develop global demand to better understanding emerging digital requirements and balancing the investments in commercial and R&D, our simulations are designed to reflect your unique ecosystem, culture, and business environment. They imitate real-life situations and provide valuable lessons that reflect your business, all in a risk-free learning environment. 

Simulation Catalog 

The following will provide you with insight into our suite of pharmaceutical simulations for a variety of audiences and topics. All simulations can be tailored, delivered as is, or fully customized to your company. 

The Agenius Pharmaceutical simulation is an interactive learning experience enabling participants to better understand the business challenges and opportunities facing a pharmaceutical company. As a group, learners take on the role of CEO for Agenius Pharmaceuticals, a multi-billion-dollar global pharmaceutical company that discovers, manufactures, and markets specialty medicines. Learners are responsible for setting a strategy and executing it through decisions in Marketing, Pricing, Sales, Medical Affairs, R&D, Production, and Finance. Over the course of four simulated years, learners help Agenius generate more revenue, manage cash flow, and turn a profit. They launch new products, manage products losing exclusivity, optimize supply chain and inventory management, and much more.

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes of the simulation include:  

  • Understand and discuss the importance of a clear business strategy
  • Recognize the cross-functional challenges and opportunities faced by pharmaceutical companies
  • Build comprehension of key financial and business metrics

Time: Best used in a one-half to one-day learning journey. Simulation typically takes 3-6 hours to complete depending on audience and other content delivered with it.

Audience: The Pharmaceutical business simulation is the perfect fit for employees at all levels who need to build a greater understanding of the system of business, and how a business achieves its goals and objectives

Overview: Virtuous is a global specialty pharmaceutical company that researches, manufactures, markets, and sells a portfolio of medicines within a specific Therapeutic Area (TA) to help patients in need around the world.

Teams of learners take the role of Vice President of Marketing and become a member of the Senior Leadership Team. They are responsible for making operational marketing decisions in support of the overall company strategy.

The goal of the simulation is to make marketing decisions that will improve revenue, manage costs, and drive the profit of the business to increase shareholder value.

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes of the simulation include:  

  • Gain insights into strategic and tactical digital marketing in support of the strategic and financial sides of running a pharmaceutical company
  • Understand the tools of marketing and how they impact business results

Time: The simulation can be used in a 1 to 2-day live or virtual learning journey and typically takes 8-12 hours to complete

Audience: The simulation has a flexible design that can be delivered to global audiences, including Marketers going through onboarding, Account Managers, Brand Managers, Product Managers

Overview: As the newly appointed executive leadership team of ABC Pharmaceuticals, a $7B Pharmaceutical company, learners are tasked with running all aspects of the company. ABC Pharma currently sells two products, has a third product ready for market, and has been investing in two additional products. Unfortunately, ABC’s core product is about to lose its exclusivity, sales have been slow for their second product, and the ousted management team was not aligned on new drug investment due to declining profitability.

The ABC simulation involves strategic planning, analysis, and making operational business decisions in marketing, sales, R&D, supply chain, and much more. Teams compete directly against each other for market share and brand awareness and receive extensive reporting and results after each round of the simulation.

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes of the simulation include:  

  • Setting and executing a strategic direction
  • Understanding the impact that day-to-day operational decisions have on financial performance
  • Building a deeper comprehension of financial reporting and metrics
  • Creating a diverse product strategy based on consumer buyer needs

Time: The simulation can be delivered in 1 to 2 days and consists of 8 to 16 hours of simulation play depending upon learning objectives and content. 

Audience: Employees at all levels of the organization that need to gain insight into how a pharmaceutical company makes money including New Hires, Emerging Leaders, Sales, R&D professionals and Onboarding new hires. 

Overview: Bior Pharmaceuticals has not been meeting forecasts. Sales are declining, product sales are underachieving, and there is uncertainty in market feasibility of new products.  In the simulation, teams of learners take on the role of Bior’s executive leadership team and become responsible for making strategic and operational decisions that will grow revenue and profitability. The Bior simulation has a deeper set of marketing decisions including corporate awareness, product branding and messaging, audience targeting, and managing the marketing mix.

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes of the simulation include:  

  • Understand and discuss business strategy
  • Recognize how operational decisions can support achieve the business strategy
  • Understand the drivers of market demand
  • Build comprehension of financial position and key business metrics
  • Experience cross-functional challenges and opportunities faced by pharmaceutical companies
  • Manage a portfolio of products in a highly competitive environment

Time: The simulation can be used in a 1 to 2-day live or virtual learning journey and typically takes 8-12 hours to complete.

Audience: Perfect for all levels to build a greater understanding of the system business, including new hires, first-time managers, emerging leaders, high-potential leaders, and executives. Recommended target audiences include Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, Information Systems,, Human Resources, Customer Service, Finance, Supply Chain and Production.

Overview: As the new Leadership Team of Zacora Pharmaceuticals, a $19 billion global pharmaceutical organization, learners will be responsible for all aspects of successfully running the company. Currently, Zacora is undifferentiated in the market, competing against an increasing number of generic pharmaceutical manufacturers. They have sales and operations in North America, Europe and China. Zacora manufactures and sells five products and has aggressive investment in R&D to make it possible to launch several new products in the next few years.

To be successful, learners must set a strategic direction for the company and execute their strategy by making decisions in multiple functional areas. Just like the real world, there are always unplanned events, challenges, and opportunities that teams must respond to.

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes of the simulation include:  

  • Develop a deeper understanding of strategy development and execution
  • Formulate global, local, and product business strategies
  • Use tools to analyze the marketplace, competition, and customers
  • Recognize cross-functional challenges and opportunities faced by companies
  • Strengthen comprehension of key financial reporting and metrics
  • Recognize how to increase shareholder value

Time: Best used in a two- to three-day learning journey. Simulation typically takes 12-16 hours to complete depending on audience and other materials

Audience: The Zacora Pharmaceutical simulation is designed for emerging leaders, senior managers, and executives.

Overview: In the ABC Health Systems simulation, small teams of learners take over as the new Senior Leadership Team of a large integrated delivery network located in a suburban area. ABC Health Systems is composed of four nonprofit hospitals and a small health plan. They currently have over 12,000 employees, including 241 physicians. Even though ABC is in a lower income area, they draw patients from all over the region and beyond.

To help the teams lead ABC Health Systems into the future, they have access to market analytics  such as population and patient demographics, health plans accepted by the IDN, economic growth data, financial information, and competitor insights. They then choose a strategy and execute it through cross-functional operational decisions in areas such as marketing, patient comfort, staffing, and more. 

This simulation is designed for sales representative to better understand and sell to health systems. 

Learning Outcomes: The learning outcomes of the simulation include:  

  • Increase knowledge about the IDN business ecosystem including strategy, marketing, financial management
  • Gain an understanding of the trade-offs facing the healthcare industry
  • Recognize the impact operational decisions have on financial performance
  • Analyze customer needs and trends

Time: Best used in a one- to two-day live or virtual learning journey. The simulation typically takes 6-8 hours to complete

Audience: This simulation is designed for anyone who needs to develop foundational business acumen skills in the context of a healthcare delivery network including pharmaceutical sales reps.

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