OverviewPresentation skills are necessary at all levels within an organization. In order to provide clear direction or gain support, presentations are an instrumental part of moving goals and objectives forward. To help develop presentation skills, Advantexe now offers Delivering Effective Presentations, an interactive learning journey featuring facilitated lessons and an interactive leadership simulation that allows learners to apply and practice newly learned presentation skills. 

At the heart of the program, learners are immersed in a 3-part simulation where they jump into a fictional team whose challenge is to gain leadership support for a new initiative they are presenting.  Each part of the simulation covers how to effectively structure a presentation, manage team dynamics, use visuals and how information is presented, and how to tackle challenges and objections during the presentation. This simulation features Advantexe's decision-tree technology where learners interact with avatar-based characters in realistic business situations. The “the story” of the simulation unfolds based on the team's actions at critical decision points. At the end of each round of the simulation, learners receive extensive feedback on their decisions. 

Learning Outcomes: 

The simulation and learning journey are designed to help learners develop and practice 4 key competencies required to effectively deliver presentations:

  • Presentation Structure
  • Teamwork
  • Using Visuals
  • Audience Impact

Time:  The program is designed for 1 business day including learning content, practice activities, debriefing, and action planning.  The simulation can also be used as an asynchronous learning tool, that takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Audience:  The simulation and learning journey provides learners of all levels with a framework to prepare effectively, manage team dynamics, understand stakeholder viewpoints, and successfully address concerns.

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