50% of first-time managers fail within the first year - Corporate Executive Board

Management failure is one of the leading reasons for a business to miss its business goals. This is why Advantexe has developed the Fundamentals of Business Leadership (FBL) simulation.

Fundamentals of Business Leadership (FBL) simulation.

FBL is a digital "best practices" business simulation that provides new leaders with the fbl-screen-2.pngopportunity to learn and apply the skills they need to be successful in leading a team in today’s competitive global marketplace. The simulation is designed for both classroom team play and online individual play. 

How it Works

Learners collectively play one year in the life of a new manager who is now faced with leading a team of seven talented team members... all with very different skill sets and personalities. As learners weave through various managerial challenges and opportunities, the simulation’s decision-tree platform branches and unfolds based on the decisions.

Over two rounds, each representing six months and running for approximately 60 minutes, participants are faced with setting goals, coaching people, delivering feedback, resolving conflicts, and ultimately achieving results through people.

At the end of each round, qualitative and quantitative feedback is provided, followed by a group or class debrief. The large group discussion focuses on how to apply the simulation best practices back to real-world issues and situations that participants face back on the job.

Simulation Topics

·       Goal Setting

·       Accountability

·       Personality Styles

·       Delegation

·       Influence

·       Coaching and Feedback

·       Motivation and Rewards

·       Morale and Engagement

·       People and Team Leadership



The Fundamentals of Business Leadership business simulation helps new managers successfully transition from being an individual contributor to a first-time manager, as well as helping experienced managers refine their managerial approach and skills. The simulation immerses participants in a storyline and surrounds them with characters that explicitly react to their decisions.  Each decision is scored on a defined set of metrics and/or competencies in three general areas:fbl-1.png

  • Business leadership
  • People leadership
  • Individual leadership

At the end of each round, teams see how they scored relative to the best practices associated with each decision and review written feedback on each decision.  The feedback outlines the learning objective of each decision and a description of the best practice associated with this scenario in the real world.


All simulation data is saved to the secure Advantexe Data Analytics Center where we can provide you with extensive learning GapMaps® to further identify additional opportunities for learning and development.

Target Audiences

  • High Potentials (to be promoted)
  • Newly promoted managers
  • Front-line leaders and supervisors
  • Experienced managers

Customized to Fit Your Leadership Models

The Fundamentals of Business Leadership simulation and all of its accompanying content can be delivered as-is, or fully customized to reinforce your specific leadership topics, frameworks, or different delivery time frames and formats.

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