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Advantexe believes that learning in an environment that mirrors your business ecosystem is critical for a successful and relevant learning solution that drives behavior change. We have found that the more realistic a simulation is, the more effective the learning experience will be. Our core simulations consist of thousands of algorithms modeled on specific industries, business dynamics, and changing business issues to help our clients build the skills that effectively custom-business-simulation-icon-1.pngexecute strategies, achieve desired business results, and reinvent your company.

Our award-winning business simulation designers are skilled masters of customizing the right simulations for the right audiences.  We leverage our years of business, industry, and academic experience to understand your markets, competitors, customers, business opportunities, and challenges. We are continuously engaged in research, maintenance, and growth of business models, as well as investing in innovation with new ideas and the latest best practices. 

We can provide off-the-shelf simulations, tailored simulations, or even the greenfield development of a new and proprietary simulation created just for you.  We work closely with you throughout the entire development process to assure your learning objectives are met and your simulation experience reflects your company's culture and needs.

Customizations to our simulation platforms can include the following:

  • Industry and market-specific ecosystem development
  • Business models and value drivers
  • Organizational structures
  • Unique business factors such as pricing, marketing, service, competitive and manufacturing elasticities
  • Business topics, issues, and opportunities that your organization may be facing 

Customized Simulation Example - Pharmaceutical Simulation 

Advantexe developed a customized business simulation for a leading Pharmaceutical company. Thiscomputer-screen-tilted learning tool was designed to develop the business acumen skills of managers and leaders and to prepare them for the new reality of how resources, investments, and people will need to be allocated in the most prudent and responsible way in the future.

The Pharmaceutical Simulation replicates the global pharmaceutical marketplace and has teams of participants lead their own billion-dollar company over four simulated years, competing with each other for prescriptions and market share. Participants return to their real-world jobs with a big picture understanding of the pharmaceutical business and the inter-relationships between drug development (R&D), manufacturing, and the commercial side of marketing and sales. The Pharmaceutical Simulation is typically delivered through a 1- to 2-day classroom workshop where participants are challenged to think more strategically about business practices and competition.

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