Overview: The  Blanchard SLII Business Leadership Simulation and learning center is a  comprehensive and dynamic digital learning experience combining learning, simulation, and tools in a single application.

Each micro-simulation is a decision-tree experience where the “simulated story” unfolds based on learners' actions at critical decision points. Each scenario is scored against the defined best practice behavior for that specific scenario. Learners receive both qualitative and quantitative feedback to illustrate the consequences of their choices. 

Learning Outcomes: 

This immersive simulation-centric learning experience follows a proven process of learn, practice,SLii-screen-new assess, and reflect to provide the most effective structure to absorb and adopt the concepts taught within SLII quickly and efficiently. It is designed to provide learners with a framework to become an indispensable leader to direct reports, colleagues, and the organization by learning and effectively applying the proven Blanchard SLII model. 

Time: The simulation and learning center can be used as an asynchronous learning program where individual learners access and work through the learning on demand and at their own pace. The digital learning experience takes about two to three hours to fully complete.

Audience: The simulation is the perfect fit for managers and leaders at all levels who need to motivate, engage, and build productive teams and individual employees. 

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