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In much the same way a flight simulator enables pilots to hone their instincts and build theirSimulation-catalog flying skills, Advantexe business simulations provide participants with the opportunity to “fly a business.”

Advantexe has worked with over 250 leading companies around the world in a variety of industries to build skills, enhance decision-making, and drive improved business performance. We offer a library of over 60 business simulations covering a variety of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Professional Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, and functional areas such as Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, and complete enterprise simulations. Simulation complexity ranges from foundational to advanced and is carefully designed for a variety of audiences from new hires to senior executives.  All simulations can be tailored to your needs, or we can work with you to develop a cost-effective custom solution. 

Our simulations serve as the bridge between learning and real-life experience. Learners apply new ideas and concepts in a risk-free environment to experience the systemic consequences of their actions. We offer multiple simulation designs and platforms to meet a variety of organizational, business, sales, and leadership development challenges. Each type of simulation is cloud-based for on-demand delivery, security, scalability, and efficiency. 

  • Business Acumen - Industry and functional-specific simulations designed to show the cause and effect of strategy development and execution through cross-functional operational business decisions. Available in foundational, intermediate, and advanced levels. 
  • Best Practices - Decision-tree simulations where learners interact with characters in realistic business situations and  “the story” unfolds based upon learners' actions at critical decision points.

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