Business Leadership Simulations

Advantexe’s Business Leadership Simulations enable participants to learn the best practices and behaviors related to a specific process, skill, or set of competencies.  These business simulations are designed to focus on issues that individuals regularly address in leadership, strategic business selling, and strategic execution. Participants practice new behaviors and make bold business decisions in a risk-free environment, giving them the confidence to do the same thing on the job!

How a Simulation Works 

Teams of participants take on the role of a simulation character and weave their way through a storyline by making decisions, reacting to events, and interacting with virtual colleagues and employees.  The simulation unfolds based on team decisions using Advantexe's dynamic branching methodology designed to make the learning more realistic and memorable. 

Using a system's thinking scoring model, each decision is scored against the best practice behavior your organization defines for that specific scenario.  Teams receive both qualitative and quantitative feedback to illustrate the consequences of their choices. For live learning events, at the end of each simulation period, a simulation facilitator leads a discussion about their choices and how to apply these best practices to their jobs.

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Example Leadership Simulations 

Advantexe's best practice leadership simulations enhance any learning initiative. Advantexe can provide a complete learning journey, or you can license simulation for use in an existing training program through our Train-the-trainer option. Examples of our simulations are:

Off-the-Shelf Tailored and Customized Simulations
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Well-Being 
  • Managing Personality Styles
  • Managing relationships and performance
  • Achieving business results
  • Managing processes
  • Developing people
  • Attracting and selecting new talent


Custom Simulation Development:

Advantexe has customized best practices simulations for clients in several industries and has other industry-specific simulations in our library.  Contact us to discuss tailoring a Best Practices simulation for your organization. 

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