The Zodiak Pro Business Simulation Provides Learners with the Opportunity to "Fly a Business" 


In response to the rapidly changing business environment where new skills are required for business success, Advantexe and Paradigm Learning have partnered to develop Zodiak Pro®, a digital, asynchronous cloud-based business simulation.

The simulation has been designed to help learners gain a better appreciation of strategic thinking, financial management, marketing and sales, and the systems of business management to build business acumen capabilities and improve performance. The simulation answers the growing need for stand-alone, virtual learning solutions that are interactive, immersive, and engaging.

How Does the Simulation Work?

In the simulation, learners take over the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Zodiak InnovationsComputer-screen-zodiak Group (ZIG). Despite steady financial growth, Zodiak has been struggling to keep pace with the competition in a changing and disrupted market. Over the course of three simulated years, learners make day-to-day operational business decisions in marketing, sales, operations, product development, and more to help Zodiak generate revenue, manage cash flow, turn a profit, and grow shareholder value.

During the simulation, learners must weigh the trade-offs between competitive forces, managing costs, and shifting market trends to effectively manage and grow the business.
The simulation is played for 3 rounds, but learners can reset and play over and over again.

  • After decisions are submitted, learners review results on business dashboards, each providing a visual snapshot of current and previous performance.
  • The simulation includes an embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) feedback system that reviews the learner’s results and provides guidance and help for the next round.
  • Built-in coaching and guidance for each set of decisions provide learners with directed insights and on-demand learning.
  • The simulation also includes an on-demand Glossary to build and refresh skill

Additional Information

This Zodiak Pro simulation helps learners better understand the systems of business. Specifically, the learning outcomes of the simulation include:

  • How overall business strategy and sales, marketing, production, R&D, and customer and employee-related decisions impact financial performance
  • How specific financial reporting tools, like income statements, are used to interpret and analyze business results
  • How critical financial terms and metrics, including Gross Margin, ROA, ROS, Cash Flow, and ROCE are used to analyze a company’s success
  • How sales forecasting, ordering, inventory management, supply chain management, and cash management are interrelated in the achievement of goals
  • How long-term planning and well-analyzed capital investments are integral to success
  • How marketing and sales alignment can be used to drive demand, support client acquisition, and maintain customer satisfaction
  • How pricing and other marketing strategies based on market trends, competitors, and product life cycles impact financial results

Who is the is the Simulation Designed For?

The business simulation is the perfect fit for employees at all levels who need to strengthen business acumen skills and build a greater understanding of how a business achieves its goals and objectives including new hires, first-time managers and emerging leaders. It is also great for more experienced managers who need to quickly brush up and strengthen their business acumen skills. 

The simulation experience is delivered 100% online and typically takes 3-4 hours to complete. It can be used as an asynchronous learning tool, or a part of a virtual learning journey for teams and small groups.

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