Help Sales Coaches Succeed in Today's Global Environment 

Coaching is perhaps the most challenging skill to become proficient at because coaches must learn to navigate the three domains of sales coaching. They coach sales calls, sales strategy, and, more often, they need to resolve everyday universal performance challenges. This last area of coaching is most challenging to master.

The issues faced by sales coaches is why Advantexe has joined forces with Level Five Selling to offer the Level Five Sales Coaching digital business simulation. The Level Five Coaching Simulation is a virtual, interactive learning experience that provides sales coaches with the opportunity to learn and apply the skills they need to succeed in coaching a team in today’s competitive global marketplace.

In a risk-free simulated environment, learners have the opportunity to practice sales coaching skills through a series of micro-interactions where learners interact with characters in real sales situations. Learners react to managing different personality styles while coaching and giving feedback to drive improved performance.

How Does the Simulation Work?

Participants step into the role of sales leader of a team of 6 sales professionals with varying levels oflevel-five-simulation-screen expertise and experience.

Using the the Level Five Selling and Coaching principles, leaners plan coaching dialogues with their simulated team members to help them achieve success. Each scenario unfolds based upon the participant’s coaching decision. Participants receive feedback after each decision, so they can learn and improve as they proceed.

At the end of the simulation, learners receive an overall score and a downloadable report on their choices with feedback.

To help build skills and act as a guide in the simulation, participants have access to three micro-lessons (approx. 10 minutes total) on,

  • The principles of Level Five Selling
  • The Level Five Leadership model
  • The A.S.P.I.R.E. coaching model

Each micro-lesson includes a downloadable job aid.

Additional Information

As a Sales Leader, your job is to use the Level Five Selling and Coaching principles to plan coaching dialogues with your simulated team members to help them achieve success. The focus of the simulation is to help learners,

  • Ask more than tell
  • Listen actively
  • Create a shared vision of purpose
  • Build confidence and commitment, not compliance
  • Establish accountability
  • Determine an action step & follow up

Who is the is the Simulation Designed For?

  • Experienced sales leaders looking to elevate their skills to the next level
  • Newly promoted sales managers
  • Hi Potential sales representatives who plan to enter a sales leadership role

The simulation is hosted in the cloud and can be delivered in-person, virtually, or in a blended fashion.  The simulation takes approximately 75 minutes for a small team to complete.

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