Virtual Workshop and Simulation  

In today’s disrupted business world, having foundational business acumen skills has never been more important. Everyone in an organization  should be able to answer,

  • “How do I understand our strategy?”
  • “How do I understand our goals and objectives?”
  • “How do I understand our results?”
  • “How do I make the best business decisions?” 

Here is How We Can Help

Advantexe’s Virtual Business Acumen training enables participants to understand the foundations of business acumen. It helps learners to understand their business strategy and current financial situation, teaching them how it relates to the decisions they are making or impacting every day.

Through the integration of virtual learning content, hands-on virtual business simulation, and virtual reinforcement tools, Advantexe helps build the ability for all employees to make a difference that matters during uncertain times.

 How it Works

Advantexe utilizes all virtual platforms such as ZOOM to deliver our zoomlagpowerful cloud-based business simulation workshops.

Knowing that participants will optimize their learning in sessions of three hours or less, Advantexe has developed a flexible delivery capability as illustrated in this basic configuration:

  • Each module is about 3 hrs. and can be delivered on the same day, days spread over a week, or over a couple of weeks.
  • The content modules are delivered by an Advantexe Consultant
  • Once in the virtual breakouts, Advantexe Simulation Facilitators work with teams to help them learn business acumen through the simulation workshop experience
  • An Advantexe Virtual Learning Producer runs the entire engagement

Foundations of Business Acumen will enable participants to:

  • Understand business strategy
  • Comprehend financial position and key metrics including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow report.
  • Recognize the strategic and financial challenges and opportunities of executing strategy
  • Conduct a competitor analysis and use information to establish a strategic competitive advantage
  • In the simulation, a group of 20 participants is divided into 4 teams of 5 and each team is running their own simulated company in virtual breakout rooms.
  • The simulation is played for 3 rounds. After decisions are submitted, learners review results on three business dashboards, each providing a visual snapshot of current and previous performance.
  • The simulation includes an embedded Artificial Intelligence feedback system that reviews the learners results and provides direct guidance to help in the next round’s set of decisions.
  • The simulation also includes an on-demand ChatBot Glossary and a series of Business Acumen Learning videos to build and refresh skills.

This Simulation helps learners to better understand the systems of business. Specifically, learners will,

  • Understand the core drivers of business
  • Recognize how customers respond to price shifts
  • Read and review financial statements
  • Discover how different strategies affect a company’s financial performance
  • Develop responses to offset competitive reactions
  • Understand the impact of pricing on profit

Foundations of Business Acumen is designed for new hires, new managers, individual contributors, operations professionals, manufacturing professionals, and sales professionals.