Sustain Learning to Ensure Higher Training ROI

The theory of the “forgetting curve” identified that we forget 90% of what we learn within the first year of learning a new skill if it is not reinforced by practical follow-up.

When applied to talent development solutions, this means a significant amount of your investment is wasted since learners are not able to retain the information or immediately apply new skills. 

To sustain learning and achieve higher ROI on your training investment, Advantexe provides a comprehensive reinforcement process and numerous simulation-centric tools to help to ensure sustainability and application of learning. Advantexe reinforcement components can include;

  • SMART Action Plans - Each participant takes one key learning and builds a SMART Action Plan to prospecting-sim-computer-screenbring it back to the job
  • Follow-Up Webinars - A webinar will be scheduled to check in with participants on their SMART Action Plans as well as provide additional coaching and learning
  • Virtual Role Plays - An online, cloud-based application tool designed to enhance knowledge retention and provide learners with a virtual and effective way to re-enforce new skills
  • Artificial Intelligence Skill Drills – access to AI-generated SimBots where learners can practice, build, and strengthen skills with voice-over machine learning applications
  • Individual or Team Simulation play – the ability to continue playing a business simulation after an event to continue to hone strategic and tactical business, leadership, and selling skills. These simulations can be accessed by individuals or teams.
  • eLearning – access to a full suite of interactive and award-winning eLearning courses

As part of our overall learning journey, Advantexe will work with you and your team to develop the right reinforcement strategy and tools to drive behavior change and performance improvement.

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