Elevate Business Acumen Skills with Industry Simulations

Advantexe business simulations reveal that certain basic frameworks of business strategy and execution can be applied to any business ecosystem.  However, we also understand that what may be effective in one industry, may not be effective in another. That’s why Advantexe works directly with each client to develop specialized solutions by industry.

This specialization along industry lines has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of our client's business ecosystem, industry trends, and opportunities they face every day. This in turn has helped us to develop over 60 different industry-specific programs that provide a clear understanding of the systems of the industry so that we can further provide business simulation-centric learning journeys that help professionals surpass business goals.  The following are just a few overviews of our most popular simulations. To learn more, contact us jim.brodo@advantexe.com 

The Zacora Pharmaceutical simulation is an interactive learning tool designed to help experienced managers to understand the business systems of a global pharmaceutical company. As the senior leadership team of Zacora Pharmaceutical, learners are responsible for setting and executing a strategy for the company. You will execute your strategy by making operating decisions in several important areas of the business.  Your goal is to grow revenues and profitability to increase the value of the company for shareholders.



In Advantexe’s Hospital simulation, learners have the opportunity to run the daily operation of an integrated delivery network (IDN) hospital system. The Hospital is composed of four nonprofit hospitals in a suburban area. It currently has over 12,000 employees, including 241 physicians, and has been considered among the area's leaders in medicine and care. As a part of the senior leadership team, you must set an overall strategy and then execute the strategy through operational decisions, which cover marketing, patient care, pharmacy, infrastructure, finance, and more.



As a Managing Partner at the Blue Lion Consulting firm, participants are challenged to successfully run the day-to-day operations of a leading professional services firm. 

The simulation gives participants the chance to practice their business acumen by setting prices for their service lines, making important budgetary decisions, and investing in certain strategic initiatives. Participants develop their critical‐thinking skills by making decisions related to resourcing/staffing, proper billing/leakage, discretionary spend, promotions/employee turnover, time accounting, knowledge sharing, and negotiations.




As part of the leadership team for Hestia, Inc. a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company, learners are responsible for driving the success of a company with flat revenue and profitability. Hestia currently has 2 products in production and has been investing heavily in R&D to launch 2 new products. Learners make operational decisions on an annual basis, and at the end of each year, they have the opportunity to review financial results, changes in the markets, customer behaviors and expectations, and trends in the competitive landscape.Hestia png


In this foundational business simulation, learners are responsible for running the daily operations of Brew², a coffee house in the morning and a craft beer store at night. Over the course of the simulation, learners manage the day-to-day business challenges and opportunities of running a small business. By looking at financial statements, business metrics, graphs, and more, learners gain great insight into the systems of a business.



As the Vice President of Marketing and member of the Senior Leadership Team, learners are responsible for making Marketing decisions in support of the overall company product strategy. Learners make operational Marketing decisions in several important areas including marketing budget, product strategy, marketing team size and skill level, and allocating the specific product budget across a marketing mix. The ultimate goal of the simulation is to help drive the revenue, cost management, and profit of the business which in turn should increase shareholder value.




The Nectarine simulation is designed to help beginners better understand the foundation of business acumen.

Learners are part of the management team of a company called Nectarine and are responsible for running the company for several simulated years. Nectarine is a technology manufacturer operating in the corporate business-to-business ecosystem. Learners are responsible for the success of the business by developing a clear strategy and then implementing that strategy across the operational functions of a business.



The consumer banking simulation provides learners with the opportunity to develop, practice, and apply business acumen skills. As part of the senior management team, learners are responsible for running Impruit Financial, a consumer financial services company with nearly $9 Billion dollars in total assets. Impruit provides revolving credit, installment loans, and deposit accounts. Learners are responsible for setting and executing a strategy through cross-functional operating decisions. The ultimate goal of this simulation experience is to provide insight into how a customer-facing financial institution operates and makes strategic and financial decisions.


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