Overview:  The more complex the business world becomes, the more opportunities there are for business conflict. Having the skills and tools to resolve these conflicts can mean the differenceconflict-learning between success and failure.

The Resolving Business Conflict simulation is an immersive learning program that categorizes business conflict into four buckets:

  • Business Asset Conflicts
  • Business Goal Conflicts
  • Business Culture Conflicts
  • Business Accomplishment Conflicts

Rather than watching a video, or reading text on a screen, this interactive simulation-centric learning experience combines short learning lessons with hands-on scenario-based simulations that allow participants to build and practice new skills in a risk-free environment.

Learning Outcomes: 

The simulation allows learners to practice the two critical competencies required to manage and resolve conflicts within the business setting effectively:

  • Understanding and implementing a five-step process for resolving business conflict
  • Applying the core skills of listening, questioning, and collaborating

Time: The simulation is composed of four scenarios, one for each type of business conflict. It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and can be delivered online for individuals, or as part of a live or virtual training event.

Audience: The simulation is designed for professionals at all levels whose challenge is resolving workplace conflict.

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