Culture does not change because we desire to change it.

Change in business is inevitable.  Unfortunately, 75% of companies don’t 75-dont-sustain-change.pngsustain change beyond 180 days (Source: Today, business leaders operating in a global environment must have the skills and tools needed to successfully execute their strategy.

How  Advantexe Can Help 

Advantexe has developed a portfolio of business leadership talent development solutions that can be delivered in person or virtually to help your employees develop an understanding of how to move change-driven issues to positive outcomes. 

Our Change Leadership programs are fully customizable with respect to both content and delivery.  Our learning journeys typically include: 

  • Assessment 
  • Pre-work
  • Live or virtual learning  sessions
  • Digital business simulation
  • Application tools
  • Measurement and impact studies
  • Online reinforcement role plays 


Change Management Learning Topics:

Working with you, we draw from our extensive curriculum library to create a learning initiative tailored to your organization’s business objectives, challenges, culture, and targeted to your specific audience.  Potential topics can include:

Acknowledging Change

  • Encouraging two-way communication
  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Creating alignment
  • Starting change
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Motivating

Managing Change 

  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Being accountable and holding people accountable

The Power of Practice - Simulation-centric Learning

To help learner's experience the issues of change management in a risk-free environment, every learning journey includes a change leadership business simulation. Advantexe's change leadership simulation, Fundamentals of Business Change, exposes participants to various behaviors that are necessary for leaders to effectively communicate and execute change. 

The simulation works by assigning individuals to a team where they take over their defined role andfundamentals-of-business-change make decisions in the context of this role. Through a set of scenarios, they face various operational situations and personality challenges. As teams make decisions and react to issues, the simulation's branching technology unfolds and challenges learners with a series of interrelated situations.  Participants are then measured against the competencies set specifically crafted for their role in the simulation and are provided with extensive feedback from the simulation and debriefing sessions.

Learning Outcomes Include: 

  • How to understand and embrace the process of change
  • The tools needed to set and manage expectations during a change process
  • How to unfreeze and freeze behaviors
  • How to become more resilient and help others in the organization become more resilient
  • Make the right business decisions

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