Marketing is not just an expense!


Marketing has changed. No longer looked at as the function that develops cute advertisements, the marketing function is critical to a company’s success by building brand, generating demand, and fully supporting and enabling all selling efforts.

Advantexe’s marketing training programs presents participants with core and advanced level marketing concepts. These programs build the skills needed to understand, set, and execute business and marketing plans for their organization. They cover keys areas such as developing strategic marketing plans and key performance indicators, to learning the importance of search engine optimization and tracking marketing effectiveness through a demand generation waterfall. Advantexe's marketing training programs help employees to better understand the importance of functional alignment and recognize the role marketing is now playing to help with a company's strategy execution.

An Advantexe marketing learning journey includes live sessions, eLearning, interactive discussion modules along with role play exercises and a dynamic marketing business simulation. The simulation provides participants with the hands on experience of managing the day-to-day activities of the marketing function.  Program objectives include:

  • Understand the basics of Customer Insight
  • Understand and effectively utilize Social Media
  • Understand Buyer Behavior and the Buying Decision Process
  • Determine Customer Needs and build unique Value Propositions
  • Link the Sales Process to the Buying Process
  • Measure Results and ROI