Why should you invest in a simulation for training?

Many professional fields train by experiential learning methods. Pilots, the armed forces, medical, why-simulation-computer.pngpolice and many others... so why not train the people who work for you the same way?

Business simulations provide an interactive learning experience that requires participants to apply what they have learned in a business training event in a robust, risk-free, virtual business environment. Participants build relevant skills, improve conceptual knowledge, and gain a better appreciation of business strategy and of the systems of business management in order to build skills improve performance.

Interpretive simulations serve as the bridge between learning and real-life experience. They provide participants with the opportunity to make relevant decisions in a competitive marketplace in functions associated with roles in your company so that they can see the immediate effect on business performance.

Whether your organization’s business acumen corporate training program call for a ground up customization, tailoring of an existing program, or using an off-the-shelf program, there are several important elements to keep in mind about these learning tools:

Key Benefits 

"Learners retain only 5 percent of what they hear and 10 percent of what they read, but they remember more than 50 percent of what they learn through discussion and interaction" - Josh Bersin

  • Creates more engaged learners - high levels of interactions make learning fun, increases AGES.pngretention, solidifies learning and builds skills.
  • Application of learning creates stickiness - by immediately applying new concepts, participants learn-by-doing.  This creates stickiness and supports the transfer of new skills back to the job.
  • An abstraction of reality - more than just a business simulation game, a simulation recreates real world experience or tasks so that learners can practice in a risk-free environment.
  • Empower learners - by taking control of a business enterprise, participants see and understand the how a business works from top to bottom.  Participants make many different choices regarding business strategy and the trade-off of operational execution of that strategy.
  • Preprares learners for the real world – users are able to practice different techniques so that they are ready and better prepared when they encounter those or similar conditions back on-the-job.
  • Cross-functional teams result in great discussions - when it comes time to assigning teams for a workshop, we recommend a mix of levels and cross-functional teams. This often leads to great discussions throughout the exercise and creates a stronger experiential learning experience.
  • Live Classroom, Virtual Classroom, eLearning, or Blended Deliveries - can be delivered in a live classroom or a virtual one, as an eLearning module, a business challenge, or as some sort of blended solution. Advantexe has built and maintains multiple platforms that enable our clients to choose the delivery experience best suited to address the needs of various levels of audience.
  • Builds a community and network - a great outcome is the connection created between students. This networking and community is a valuable by-product of the learning event, and one that reaches across functions and departments.
  • Analytics - skills developed impact bottom-line performance. Advantexe's analytics platform allows our many clients to track the relationship between learning and their revenue, profit, and shareholder value growth.

The design experts of Advantexe Learning Solutions have been building award-winning business simulations for more than 30 years. We have developed more than 50 different versions in a variety of industries and subject areas that can be delivered:

  • Online
  • Virtually
  •  in ½-day, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, and multi-day learning engagements


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