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Defining Business Acumen 

Business acumen is a germane understanding of how your company makes money. With this being such an important competency, many of our clients ask us to define or provide a definition of Business Acumen. Here is what we have to share. Please download our latest article. 



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Why Business Acumen Matters! 

Business Acumen needs to be embraced by all of the functions and people within a business organization. The infographic illustrates the importance of business acumen for each functional audience and  key groups.


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Awards and Recognition


"The Advantexe solution helped to create a more engaged workforce.  We have seen increased retention, improved customer relationships, and more collaboration across divisions and functions."

  • Manager, Technology Company  

"I did not really have a true understanding of how to measure our strategy using financial performance and metrics.   As a result of this program, I now have the knowledge to better understand the bigger financial picture of our company." 

  • Manager, Communications Company

Award Winning Solution for Leading Healthcare Provider

Advantexe was awarded a silver Brandon Hall Award for Best Simulation for our work with a leading healthcare provider. The Healthcare Marketplace Business Simulation was created to give participants realistic insight and decision-making experience in the shifting healthcare business environment. It was delivered as part of a four hour classroom event to prepare sales and brabrandon-hall-best-business-simulation-awardnd staff for the new reality of how decisions will need to be made in the future.

The Healthcare Marketplace Business Simulation is an educational tool that replicates how healthcare is delivered in a variety of regions through nine interactive and branching case studies. Users make resource allocation decisions and receive results for market share, gross margin, promotional costs per prescription (Rx), and contribution per Rx. Users compare results to understand the effectiveness of different resources and see the trade-off in terms of margin and contribution. The goal of the simulation is to prepare users to analyze and assess various sources of data to inform their decision-making around the allocation of resources to maximize return on investment.


Customized Simulation Example

Advantexe developed a customized business simulation for leading Pharmaceutical company. This learning tool is designed to develop the business acumen skills of managers and leaders and to prepare them for the new reality of how resources, investments, and people will need to be allocated in the most prudent and responsible way in the future.

The Pharmaceutical Simulation replicates the global pharmaceutical marketplace and has teams of participants lead their own billion dollar company over four simulated years, competing with each other for prescriptions and market share. Participants return to their real-world jobs with a big picture understanding of the pharmaceutical business and the inter-relationships between drug development (R&D), manufacturing, and the commercial side of marketing and sales. The Pharmaceutical Simulation is typically delivered through a 1- to 2-day classroom workshop where participants are challenged to think more strategically about business practices and competition.


High Potential Leaders Competency Assessment

Advantexe Learning Solutions created a computer-based assessment simulation tool for a leading technology company that would help determine the current state and best development path forward for a pool of nominated high potentials. This focus on high potentials is part of a larger effort that the company calls its integrated talent management program, aimed at creating consistent human capital processes throughout the corporation that are clearly aligned with the overall organizational strategy.

The High Potential Leaders Competency assessment simulation mirrors the challenges of driving business results at this corporation. This simulation dealt with both day-to-day and long-term strategic decisions and the results of those choices. The ultimate goal is to measure how participants utilize their skills (competencies) to drive growth efforts as they begin to understand the impact of their decisions on the business and its customers. The output of the simulation is an individual Gap Map, which shows the individual’s skill level in each competency and compares them against high potentials both within their business unit and across the entire company.

Using these results, participants created individual development plans (IDPs) with their HR partners and managers, and if necessary, are considered for participation in one of two corporate-sponsored development programs—Business Acumen Development Program or Fundamentals of Business Leadership Program.


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