"If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business."
~ B. C. Forbes

Building business acumen skills is critical to global business today. According to The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) body of competency and knowledge for 2016, Business skills are the third most important behavioral competency needed to succeed, trailing only Leadership and Ethics. In fact, in a recent Advantexe research brief, we found that 78% of responders who indicated that they had "good to very business-acumen-sim-icon.pnggood" business skills, achieved their personal business and functional objectives. When respondents indicated that they did not have "good or very good" general business skills, only 28% of respondents achieved their goals. 

At Advantexe, we obviously feel that business skills development 
across all levels of audiences within your company is a critical must have, not a "nice to have,” or we would not be as passionate about what we do as we are.

Your employees need the skills to understand their role in strategy execution, how they directly and indirectly impact your company results, and how they can better support your interrelated business systems, processes, and functions. Despite this clear and overwhelming need for knowledge developmentwe still see and experience a reluctance and major gap between the level of understanding and how business works together, and an organization's commitment to providing training on a regular basis...  This is where Advantexe can help.

Our Value to You

Advantexe's Business Acumen training and development programs help to provide a more systemic view of business so that your learners can improve decision-making that will impact your company's bottom line. What is unique about our training approach is how we put theory into practice. Working with you, we ensure that your objectives are met by creating customized learning journeys that incorporate business simulations as a catalyst for performance improvement and sustained behavior change back on the job.  

We focus on three primary characteristics: 

  • A General Manager and Leadership Mindset
  • Financial Acumen and Literacy
  • Ability to Develop Strategy and Lead Strategic Execution

Our Training Helps your Company's Teams to...

  • Enhance problem solving techniques and day-to-day decision making 
  • Flawlessly execute your strategy 
  • Drive improved business results

 This comprehensive approach will allow you to focus on: 

  • Functional departments having the insight, knowledge, and understanding to reduce non-essential spending, not just cut costs.
  • Creating accountability where employees fully understand the implications of their decision-making on the financial results. 
  • Understanding company financial goals and metrics to manage, lead, and execute your strategy more effectively
  • Looking for ways for to better motivate and engage employees (especially as Millennials enter the workforce) in order to leverage changes in business and optimize new global and technological opportunities

How we help

Our flexible design and development approach includes a blend of live, virtual, and self-paced training elements. Using a flipped classroom approach, each journey can include assessment, pre- and post- work, live learning sessions, simulations, action planning sessions, reinforcement, and practical application exercises that help participants build their skills in the context of your organization’s business. 

Our library of over 150 in-depth content modules provides the foundation Business-Acumen-Framework-300for our learning programs and cover a wide range of business topics including Strategy, Finance, and Marketing. These solutions address the needs of audiences ranging from individual contributors, sales professionals, sales management, functional managers, technical staff, emerging leaders, and senior executives. From fundamental to advanced learning programs, the content and exercises contained in our learning journeys offers something essential for everyone in need of a better understanding of business and strategic thinking.  

The Power of Practice - Business Simulation-centric Learning

All of our training programs are powered by dynamic computer-based business nectarine-3.pngsimulations.  Advantexe's award winning simulations are proven and effective tools for driving the application of newly-learned concepts.  They provide a risk-free, engaging atmosphere where innovation and creativity can be applied in real-world contexts to practice, build skills, and improve the effectiveness of business decision-making.

The Results

Advantexe delivers a game-changing and proven value proposition that has consistently illustrated sustained improvement in skills, behaviors, and business performance. Certified by the ROI Institute®, our studies show measurable impact and ROI in the millions for revenue generation and cost savings.  Here are just a few examples;

  • Participants from a leading pharmaceutical company identified $92,000,000 in cost savings or revenue generation
  • Participants from a publicly-traded communications company identified $10,231,848 in cost savings or revenue generation
  • We experienced a 26% increase in the ability of our team to ‘Read and understand the three basic financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement’.

Where do you Start? Contact Advantexe 

Stop your searches and learn more about how Advantexe can help drive improved business decision-making knowledge, performance and results. Please contact Jim Brodo directly at jim.brodo@advantexe.com, or call us at 610-828-8707 to begin your learning journey. 

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