We are moving quickly from a disconnected business world of influence.pngisolated problems requiring instant decisions, deep data analysis, and elimination of uncertainty to a world of complex, strategic business challenges.

Solving these more strategic issues requires competencies of business acumen, business leadership, strategic business selling, and engagement with uncertainty. 

Learning Journeys

Each Advantexe customized learning journey incorporates a difficult.pngbusiness simulation centric learning focus and provides your participants with the knowledge and tools to make better business decisions in the workplace and strive for improved business performance. Our curriculum library includes over 150 learning modules in: 

  •  Business Acumen Skills  our Business Acumen learning solutions build skills in a range of important content areas such as strategy, financial acumen, and marketing.business-acumen-business-leadership-business-selling.png
  • Business Leadership Skills – we offer a wide range of customized leadership workshops from the basic Fundamentals of Business Leadership™ for supervisors and new managers to Advanced Business Leadership for directors and executives. Our library also includes topical workshops on subjects ranging from influence and delegation to generational leadership to global acumen.
  • Strategic Business Selling Skills - our Strategic Business Selling solutions are built around a nine-step process that lays the groundwork for sales success. From preparing for the sale and initiating the dialogue to positioning a solution, closing the sale, and growing the business.

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