learning-journey.pngAdvantexe's Learning Journey Approach

Skills are not developed in a day and change does not happen overnight. Advantexe provides your organization with integrated learning journeys that incorporate adult learning methodologies and a learn-by-doing approach to ensure a continuous learning environment that maximizes your return on training investment. Our learning approach includes the use of business simulations that provide participants with the opportunity to develop new skills by practicing and applying new concepts, making mistakes in a risk-free environment, and learning from each other. Our learning journeys can include:

  • Assessment – Based on your company's competency model, we gauge the current skill levels of your employees through sophisticated simulations and assessment centers, and provide a GapMap™ showing strengths and areas for development.
  • Content Design – Our content is seamlessly integrated into live training sessions, virtual and eLearning, and blended solutions. Our library includes over 150 learning modules focusing on Business Acumen, Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling.
  • Practice – Learning is applied through computer-based business simulations. Participants learn by doing and practice new skills in a risk-free environment.
  • Application – The application library contains tools and templates that are customized to your company's specific needs. Application exercises ensure that concepts learned from the content are applied to real-world issues and decisions facing your organization.
  • Reinforcement – Follow-up tools support continuous learning with additional content, case studies, and community boards. Reunion webinars and coaching encourage the application of new skills in real ways on the job.
  • Measurement - Advantexe utilizes a number of measurement techniques to quantify the effectiveness of our talent development solutions.  We have been certified by the Philips ROI institute and have conducted several major initiatives that illustrate the profound business impacts of our approaches.




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