mm-learning-icon.pngAdvantexe's Multi-Modal Learning Solutions

Advantexe leverages several different learning modalities to provide your organization with many different options for learning.  These include:

Classroom-based Learning

World-class instructors and simulation facilitators provide live, dynamic, and interactive classroom-based learning that help participants develop and apply new skills.


World-class instructors and simulation facilitators use the most user-friendly technologies to deliver live and pre-recorded dynamic, and interactive webinars that help participants develop and apply new skills.


Advantexe has developed a portfolio of concise, effective, and dynamic eLearning modules that that help participants develop and apply new skills.  Our eLearning modules can be used as stand-alone learning or as part of an integrated learning journey.


Virtual Learning

Time and access are barriers to effective talent development skills training.  To combat that, successful simulation-centric talent development skill building process is multi-modal, with learning available 24/7. 

 Advantexe Learning Solutions delivers elements of training engagements in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A VLE is a completely integrated technology platform that enables the virtual delivery of eLearning content, simulations, webinars, and applications tools, live and on demand.  The graphic illustrates a customizable VLE interface that supports a talent development skills learning initiative.

The VLE places learning at the participant’s fingertips and creates a community around any training engagement. This type of continuous learning environment fosters skill development and retention as knowledge is reinforced and applied over time, rather than delivered in one event.


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