An Estimated 87% of CEOs believe that their business will be disrupted. Only 4% believe that they are ready


Today many organizations are being upended by exponential change. Inherent in these challenges are enormous opportunities to leverage disruptive forces for growth. 

Those that will thrive recognize they must move with boldness, purpose and agility to not only disrupt their own business models before others do, but to challenge deep-seated mindsets that led to success in the past and shape their cultures into more nimble future-forward organizations.

The Leveraging Disruption for Growth Digital Business Simulation 

To help  enable leaders to embrace and leverage the inevitable disruption, Advantexe has developed a state-of the-art  business simulation,  Leveraging Disruption for Growth™. The Leveraging Disruption for Growth Simulation is designed for middle-level leaders who need to understand what disruption looks like, and how to successfully prepare for and lead through it. This digital business simulation is designed to create awareness and build critical skills by:

  • Proactively spotting traps  
  • Making decisions that balance the best practices of preparing for disruption
  • Demonstrating the ability to pivot and apply leadership mindsets and skillsets

The simulation  can be used as part of live training event, delivered 100% online as a Virtual Learning Journey, or delivered asynchronously online to individuals to build and enhance skills.  

How it Works

The simulation is set at Quantex, a fictitious global organization, with a strong focus on operational Disruption-430-2019excellence and product leadership. Executive management has identified the need to formally focus on disruption, digitalization, and innovation. Unfortunately, understanding and openness to making any real change is low across the organization.  

Participants take on the role of Director of Strategic Initiatives for Business Unit 1, reporting to both the a new Chief Digital Officer and the commercial head of BU1. Within the three-round simulation, they weave through a realistic storyline, making decisions to;

  • Widen market perspectives and challenge the assumptions preventing the company from seeing disruptive vulnerabilities  
  • Discover existing customer points of friction and turn them into new opportunities for growth
  • Identify exponential leadership mindsets to help leapfrog the organization forward
  • Inspire contribution, collaboration and commitment from a place of humility, curiosity and empathy with customer needs.

Simulation Topics

  • Preparing for Disruption
  • How Vulnerable Are We to Disruption?
  • Flip Your Thinking
  • Points of Customer Friction
  • Breakthrough Customer Experience
  • Profile of a Disruptor Innovator
  • Igniting Innovation
  • Retraining Your Brain for Exponential Times


The simulation was developed to help learners  build the skills needed to re-invent how business is done while continuing to deliver value by focusing on speed, versatility, and experimentation through constantly challenging assumptions, and letting go of legacy mindsets that inhibit growth.

Every decision in the simulation is tied to one or more of the competencies that are critical to leveraging disruption for growth:

  • Be Anticipatory
  • Act with Courage
  • Practice Versatility
  • Demonstrate Empathy
  • Exhibit Curiosity

If you would like to learn more about the Disruption Simulation, download a brochure, or request a demo, please complete the form below. 

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