Help your professionals at all levels feel more comfortable and confident with business concepts and terms

Understanding the drivers of business from strategy to financial literacy are critical skills that should foundations-screenbe required for everyone in an organization, regardless of their experience level or position. To help professionals feel more comfortable with business concepts and terms, Advantexe has developed the Foundations of Business Acumen simulation, an interactive cloud-based learning tool.

How Does the Simulation Work?

In the simulation, learners take on the role of the CEO of NectarineTechnologies, a darling of Wall Street that has been struggling to keep pace with the competition in the market. The Simulation allows learners to test various business strategies to better understand the challenges and opportunities associated with running a business. The simulation is designed to help learners understand the core drivers of business including revenue, cost of goods sold, operating costs, competitive positioning, customer preferences, and profitability.  

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What are the Benefits of the Simulation?

This Simulation helps learners to better understand the systems of business. Specifically, learners will, 

  • Understand the core drivers of business such as revenue generation, expense management, and profitability
  • Engage in deeper and more meaningful business dialogues, with executives, peers, managers, prospects, and clients
  • Recognize how customers respond to pricing and market shifts
  • Read and review financial statements 
  • Discover how different business strategies affect a company’s financial and business performance
  • Develop strategic responses to offset competitive reactions
  • Understand the impact of functional departmental decisions on profitability 

Additional Information

The simulation is played for 3-4 rounds. After decisions are submitted, learners review results on three business dashboards, each providing a visual snapshot of current and previous performance. The simulation includes an embedded Artificial Intelligence feedback system that reviews the learners results and provides direct guidance to help in the next round’s set of decisions. The simulation also includes an on-demand ChatBot Glossary and a series of Business Acumen Learning videos to build and refresh skills.

How Can You Use the Simulation? 

The simulation can be used as part a live half-day session or delivered 100% virtually as part of an interactive group or self-study virtual learning journey. It includes online videos that teach essential business and financial topics.



Who is the is the Simulation Designed For?

The simulation is the perfect fit for employees at all levels who need to build a greater understanding of business.

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