Conshohocken, PA ― July 12, 2013 ― Advantexe Learning Solutions, a global leader in Business Acumen, Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling solutions, is pleased to announce the release of our advanced managed market business simulation.

“The pharmaceutical industry has changed forever and companies have to evolve in order to survive,” said Robert S. Brodo Executive Vice President and General Manager of Advantexe Learning Solutions. “Building skills to understand and plan for the new world of managed markets is one of the ways pharmaceutical companies are taking the next step.”

Advantexe’s Managed Markets Business Acumen simulation helps train executives, senior leaders, marketing leaders, and sales leaders to understand the new business ecosystem and make the best business decisions with shrinking resources to drive profitability.

“Pharmaceutical executives realize how critical this learning solution is and are supporting the transformation,” Brodo added.

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