Sustain Learning to Ensure Higher Training ROI

The theory of the “forgetting curve” identified that we forget 90% of what they learn within the firstpractium-sceanrio.jpg year of learning a new skill if it is not reinforced by practical follow-up.

When applied to talent development solutions, this means a significant amount of your investment is wasted since learners are not able to retain the information or immediately apply new skills. 

To sustain learning and achieve higher ROI on your training investment, Advantexe has developed the Praction™ reinforcement platform. 

About Praction

Praction-logo.pngPraction is an interactive cloud-based application tool designed to drive learning retention and provide learners with a virtual and effective way to assess, develop, and re-enforce new skills by actively applying and practicing classroom learning in the weeks and months after the training event.

How it Works

  • Getting Started - Learners are invited to their Praction Hub to access a situational scenario.practium-phone.jpg
  • Demonstrate Skills - After watching the scenario prompt, learners are asked to prepare, practice and then record their response to the scenario via video. This process can be completed on their laptop, smart phone, or tablet for a truly mobile experience.
  • Self-assessment - Participants then post their response back to the hub where they complete a self-assessment of their response according to best practice criteria.
  • practium-computer-peer-feedback.jpgPeer-assessment - Participants then have their video response reviewed by their peers and also have opportunity to provide feedback on their peers’ responses.
  • Coach Review - Either Advantexe Subject Matter Experts or your own experts/coaches provide all participants with the recommended “Best Practice” for how to address the scenario.
  • Self-reflection – Learners review the best practice approach and write out their reflections regarding how their response compares to that best practice example and what they may need to change in their approach to similar scenarios in the future.
  • Analytics - ThePraction system provides learners with access to a series of aggregated results including peer feedback score comparisons, a leaderboard of top performers, and other insights.

What Topics Can be Covered?

Praction is a great learning tool to help strengthen and reinforce many different types of skills and competencies. We have integrated into Advantexe learning journey to help develop skills in areas such as:

  • Leading changepractium-analytics.jpg
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Giving feedback
  • Having a difficult conversation
  • Handling an objection
  • Presenting value pricing
  • Positioning a new innovative idea
  • Sharing your elevator pitch
  • Defining an account strategy
  • And many more

Recent Examples

  1. Pharmaceutical Company – After an intense sales training engagement, Praction was deployed as a follow-up to practice reps’ messaging and positioning of their education programs to various decision makers
  2. Chemical Company – After a sales training engagement, Praction was used as follow-up to practice how to position higher priced products in a commoditized market
  3. High-Tech Materials Company – After foundational leadership development learning, Practium was used to practice giving feedback and coaching
  4. Agricultural Company – The Senior leadership team used Practium to develop skills of leading through the four cycles of change to create a culture of strong change leadership

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