Advantexe's SimBot

A game changing learning tool

Artificial Intelligence SimBot

Artificial Intelligence-based learning is playing a major role in delivering on-demand immersive learning experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly proving its role as a game-changing tool in many industries, including the talent development sector. Advantexe views AI tools as a natural extension of all of our business simulations and learning journeys. Our SimBot products and platform provides learners with an on-demand and real-time tool that allows them to further practice and hone in on skills in a risk-free, yet extremely realistic environment.

How it Works

Advantexe SimBots are interactive machine learning tools designed to simulate a two-way dialogue between a learner and an online AI bot. Learners receive a short description of a situation, and with a push of a button, quickly engage in a simulated conversation. During the course of the dialogue, the SimBot captures data and reviews patterns, which allows them to adjust and react to the learner, just as if they were having a real face-to-face discussion. 

Advantexe SimBots are great tools to practice any type of one-on-one dialogue such as;

  • Managing Objections
  • Gaining an Appointment
  • Providing coaching and feedback
  • Product positioning and messaging

Each SimBot exercise typically runs about three minutes in length and is structured around a set of skills or competencies, such as resolving a price objection, providing feedback, or even positioning a value message. At the conclusion of each exercise, learners receive extensive feedback that identifies achievements or gaps for each competency. In addition, analytic data is captured in a manager administration site to provide managers with individual and cohort data for further coaching and areas for improvement.


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