Super Bowl Marketing: Did it Deliver on their Value Propositions?


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The Super Bowl is now an old memory. The food has all been eaten and most fans of football are already looking toward the new season. In other words, the Combine starts next week!

As the more than 6,000 readers of our blog know, Advantexe is always looking for new and interesting ways of thinking about and applying concepts of Business Acumen, Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling. The Super Bowl ads provide wonderful fodder for thinking about strategy and marketing so I decided to turn the ads into an exercise; did this year’s Super Bowl ads Enhance, Support or Confuse the value proposition of the company? It took a while to re-watch every commercial, so here’s a look for discussion purposes, with the company name, commercial title, analysis, and grade:

Customer Intimacy


Operational Excellence


Product Leadership

Bank of america correction

Undetermined Value Proposition



Robert Brodo

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