What You Need to Know about Omnichannel Marketing

By Robert Brodo | Mar 22, 2022 7:53:03 AM

I recently delivered a virtual Business Acumen training program to a great group of mid-level leaders at a technology company who were focused on improving their understanding of how their company makes money. About half the group came from non-commercial roles and they were given the opportunity to learn about business by running a simulated business. In the simulation experience, small teams take over a digital case study that comes to life and makes decisions in all areas across the enterprise. When it came time to making the Marketing decisions, the group, especially the non-commercial folks, really struggled with our updated-for-2022-and beyond decision and output set. More specifically, the concept of Omnichannel Marketing was difficult to understand, so I developed some content to share insights and foundational knowledge about what is happening in Marketing and Omnichannel Marketing.

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