A Post-Mortem on the Death of Customer Service

By Robert Brodo | Feb 1, 2023 8:03:47 AM

We are now a full month into the New Year and I have noticed a significant and measurable decline in the approach and support of Customer Service.

To be more specific, we went back into the last 16 Business Acumen simulation sessions we have delivered for our clients to measure the trends of investments participants have made in the function of Customer Service to see if there was any data to support a thesis of continued diminishing investments leading to poor business performance. What we found was very interesting. During these last 16 Business Acumen workshops which include programs in healthcare, process manufacturing, financial services, and high tech, the average investment in Customer Service decreased by more than 28% across all participants and all workshops.

During the same time, we saw increases in investments for:

  • R&D (32%)
  • Marketing (22%)
  • Sales (14%)
  • Operations (2%)

This data got me curious, so we went back 5 years to a pre-pandemic environment to see what the data was. Unfortunately, we didn’t document the more than 400 Business Acumen programs we delivered in 2018, but I was still able to log into about 30 different simulations as a frame of reference and the average Customer Service investments were about +3.4% during a simulation workshop which typically averaged about 3 years of running the simulated company.

While not perfect science, a swing of over 30% is significant.

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