Can Better Business Acumen Help Prevent Cyber-attacks?

By Jim Brodo | Mar 28, 2023 7:41:07 AM

Over the past several months, Advantexe has been requested by seven clients to conduct an end-to-end data security audit that focuses on examining our information technology systems, simulation backend infrastructure, and organizational data policies and practices to assess compliance with established data security standards, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices. Although Advantexe has invested in an ISO27001 certification to demonstrate our commitment to managing and protecting sensitive information, the process has become more complex, demanding, and frequent.

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Business Simulation: “How To” Not  Just the “What Is”

By Jim Brodo | Dec 20, 2022 12:30:17 PM


Traditional eLearning, video-based training, and facilitated learning are valuable tools in the market that provide the “what things are.” However, business simulations are now playing a critical role in talent development. They provide learners with the hands-on experience of “how things actually work.”

Let’s take business acumen training and the concept of “revenue” as an example. Advantexe offers an asynchronous learning program called the Foundations of Business Acumen. The program combines short video lessons that introduce the topics and an interactive simulation that allows learners to “try them” in real-world settings.

The eLearning portion utilizes animated videos to define how revenue is derived. “Revenue is created by multiplying the number of units sold with the price.” This is great. Yes, revenue is units sold multiplied by price, but what is driving the generation of that revenue? How is revenue actually created? As an individual contributor, manager, or leader in a company, what could you be doing to impact that revenue? How can learners do their job more effectively in support of more and higher quality revenue?

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Giving Leaders “Reps” and Practice so they can Play to Win

By Robert Brodo | Feb 16, 2022 7:59:59 AM


This past weekend gave us a unique opportunity to watch some of the most elite athletes in the world perform in their primes in both the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.

These sporting events have been phenomenal, and it is such a pleasure watching these amazing athletes perform on the world’s stage under unfathomable pressure.

If there is one consistent theme that comes from these high-level performances is the absolute belief that every one of these athletes has reached their pinnacle of performance through practice, training, and coaching. Over and over, you hear them talking about getting in their “reps” (short for repetitions) and how many times they practiced their performances.

So, if the best athletes in the world can get better by practicing, we can’t business people?

In 2022 and beyond they can and more importantly they should!

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Business Simulations: It is ok to Fail

By Robert Brodo | Mar 1, 2016 9:03:27 AM

As school students, we all went through our academic journeys striving for A’s and fearing flunking tests. Today, we root for sport teams to win and very rarely remember who came in second. In the business world, have you ever heard of a sales professional who missed their quota and received an invitation to the president’s club? Or the supply chain manager who constantly is making the wrong vendor choices and winning employee of the year?  How about the IT Leader who chose the wrong ERP system and was toasted at the shareholder's meeting for a job well done?  Except for the occasional mulligan in Golf, failure, in most aspects of our lives, is not an option.

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