The Direct Link between Psychological Safety and Business Results

By Robert Brodo | May 3, 2022 7:57:11 AM

Most Business Leaders are trying to lead in an environment that nobody has ever seen before. There are no patterns or best practices. The combination of being in a global pandemic at the same time there is accelerating inflation, global supply chain shortages, environmental issues, the “great resignation,” employees working remotely, and a despot leader in Russia threatening to start World War III is presenting leaders with unprecedented challenges.

One of the areas our Advantexe clients are seeking help in is helping develop environments and cultures of psychological safety in the midst of all this chaos. Psychological safety is defined by a workplace climate enabled by emotional intelligence that allows people to take risks, learn from mistakes, give candid feedback, and innovate. When your environment is not psychologically safe, people tend to keep ideas to themselves out of fear of being ridiculed, they don’t give candid feedback, and because they fear for their job, they enter into self-preservation mode. None of that is good for business.

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