Is the Great Resignation Forcing Leaders to Tolerate Poor Performance?

By Robert Brodo | Mar 8, 2022 7:55:15 AM

The participants going through a virtual workshop featuring our new Coaching business simulation were having a hearty debate about the results from one of the complex scenarios. “I don’t know if that is still the best practice anymore, so I am going to disagree. I have found out the hard way that you better be very careful these days about giving strong feedback to people because they might just quit on you.”

It was an interesting conversation among 26 participants and the conclusions were evenly split. Half the group felt that everything in the business world has changed and because of the great resignation, too many leaders are tolerating poor performance instead of providing coaching and feedback that could cause employees to quit. The other half of the group said if an employee wanted to quit, they are going to quit regardless of getting negative feedback for poor performance.

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