Teaching Business Leaders to Be More Human

By Robert Brodo | Oct 20, 2020 8:42:07 AM

We will all remember 2020 for the rest of our lives for many things including quarantines, home food deliveries, social distancing, political unrest, and new ways of working.

When thinking about new ways of working, one of the recent trends that I have observed is an entirely different approach to leadership development. Because of the disruption of COVID-19, everything about the way we work and lead has been disrupted. As a result, the way we are developing leaders has also change… and we are just starting to recognize some of the interesting differences and impacts.

As we continue to work with business and talent leaders around the globe on finding new ways of developing leaders in 2020 and beyond, a statement one of our dearest clients recently shared resonates well and summarizes one of the most significant changes that is going to impact us all, “The most important thing that we are working on is teaching our leaders to be more human.”

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3 Not Very Obvious Business Leadership Trends for 2018

By Robert Brodo | Dec 20, 2017 8:15:42 AM

This time of year brings out all the pundits and so-called experts who espouse their insights and ideas in the form of blogs, articles, podcasts, and other assorted media, predicting the future and providing business leaders with prophesies to base their decision-making on during the coming year. Among the many things you will read and hear about are the painfully obvious including the continued emergence of artificial intelligence, the endless expansion of ecommerce, and of course the ever-present geopolitical issues that lead the news headlines every day, yet seem to have very little impact on the health of the global economy in 2017.

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4 Tips for Leadership Development to Build Empathy Skills

By Robert Brodo | May 18, 2017 8:20:38 AM

This week I had the pleasure of working with a group of Emerging Leaders from a large company in the high-tech space.  One of the many reasons why it was such a pleasure was how enthusiastic and thirsty for new leadership skills this group was during this business simulation-centric learning journey.  The multi-day session – that includes pre- work and post-work reinforcement - focuses on fundamental business leadership skills including understanding personality styles, coaching and providing feedback, and emotional intelligence.  One of the interesting conversations that came up as part of debriefing the interactive business leadership simulation workshop scenario was the topic of “empathy” in leadership.

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Five leadership development tips to think about before you “pull rank”

By Robert Brodo | Mar 2, 2017 9:32:31 AM

“That’s it. Enough of this trying to figure it out together!  The collaborative problem solving mumbo jumbo
isn’t working and I am going to pull rank and solve this today, right now! We need to replace those lazy poor performers and make things right again.  It’s time for the grown-ups to show the kids how to do things around here.  Tell HR to start posting jobs!”

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5 Tools to Help Lead through the Loss of Subject Matter Expertise

By Robert Brodo | Sep 2, 2016 8:23:53 AM

In the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous 24/7 business world of 2016 and beyond, one of the most difficult challenges leaders face is the loss of employees, subject matter expertise, and focus because of the constant and disruptive changes occurring in every market. 

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