The Business Acumen Skills Your CFO Dreams About You Having


A recent shared post called “The Real Skills Your CEO Wants Everyone to Know” received many niceCFO-business-acumen comments from colleagues and business leaders. We also collected quite a few direct messages sharing alternative ideas and suggestions for additional content and insight into the business acumen skills that the C-suite hopes employees at all levels to possess.

Originally, we wrote a follow-on post that outlined a list of skills that we see a CFO desires, but we once again received feedback asking us to combine both posts together so our readers can have all the information in one spot.

We always appreciate feedback so we decided to combine the posts into one. The one post can be accessed by clicking below. We thank our loyal readers for their guidance, enthusiasm and insights. We hope you enjoy the new complete post that now focuses on the business acumen skills that both the CEO and CFO desire.

Click here.

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Robert Brodo

About The Author

Robert Brodo is co-founder of Advantexe. He has more than 20 years of training and business simulation experience.