Collaborative Feedback: Creating Accountability

By Robert Brodo | Jan 15, 2019 8:23:55 AM

The next blog in our series on the important topics business leaders are talking about in 2019 is about “Collaborative Feedback.”  The days of leaders standing up in front of a group of employees shouting “I’m going to hold people accountable” in a command and control environment are over. The new norm is strong, yet collaborative, methods of delivering coaching and feedback that is effective in terms of executing the big picture and actually getting things done through people.

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How Come Only the Cool People Know What Digital Marketing is?

By Robert Brodo | Jan 10, 2019 8:25:05 AM

The next blog post in our series on The Business Issues People are Thinking About is focused on one of the most disruptive changes that has ever impacted business; Digital Marketing.

Over the past couple of years, Advantexe has identified the transformational disruption of the Marketing and Sales processes as one of the most important trends in business that will require organizations to provide new skills and tools to their employees.  The most significant shift that organizations need to evolve to is how to embrace the differences in how customers buy moving from Awareness to Consideration to Decision Making.  The Business Acumen skills needed are profound and will require significant investment and it’s important to know that everyone in business needs these new skills, not just the cool kids.

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The Bigger Picture – Delivering a Complete Value Proposition

By Robert Brodo | Jan 8, 2019 8:18:55 AM

As I mentioned in our first blog of 2019, The Business Issues People are Thinking About, I spent some time researching and determining some of the key issues business professionals should be focused on as the new year begins. The first topic is on “The Bigger Picture.”  For many years, so-called experts have been focused on making sure leaders and employees within business organizations were focusing on the big picture which is great.  After conducting the research, I now believe these same leaders need to go one step beyond that and start focusing on a “much bigger picture.”

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The Business Issues People are Thinking about in 2019

By Robert Brodo | Jan 3, 2019 8:20:10 AM

Welcome back and welcome to 2019!  I hope everyone had a restful break, had a chance to spend quality time with friends and family, and are ready to make 2019 the best year ever!

During the break, I had a chance to do some research and reflection with a focus on the business issues and challenges business leaders and professionals are thinking about (or should be thinking about!) as we start the New Year.  As most readers of this blog know, my emphasis is typically in the areas of Business Acumen, Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling and I try to provide both thought provoking ideas and actionable insights so you can do something different almost immediately.

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5 Big Predictions for Talent Development in 2019

By Robert Brodo | Dec 20, 2018 8:22:33 AM

As this year comes to an end and business leaders prepare for 2019, it’s time to start thinking about the trends and issues impacting the world of talent development.  The world of talent and development ranges from the C-Suite setting and executing strategy to the Talent Development departments creating and executing the talent strategy... to the new manager who needs new skills to manage a team of people who don’t report to her.  It has never been more exciting to be in this space and I believe we are on the cusp of several major breakthroughs that will arm organizations with the talent they need to effectively compete in disrupted global marketplaces.

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