Clarity, Confidence, and Cash Flow: The 3C’s of Executing Strategy

By Robert Brodo | Feb 1, 2024 7:38:43 AM

The business simulation Teams were more excited and prepared than I have experienced in quite some time. Today was Board of Directors Presentations Day, and the Empowering Leaders who have spent the last month further developing their Business Acumen and Business Leadership skills as part of a virtual and immersive simulation-centric experience.

The presentations were excellent and I truly appreciated the great job of keeping the presentations strategic and at the enterprise level; all skills they are going to need as they move to the next level. The team that performed the best in the simulation shared some insights in their wrap-up that I thought were worth sharing with our subscriber base.

When summarizing their key learnings, they shared that by choosing and sticking to their strategy they all felt aligned with their aspirational purpose, and they were able to have more clarity, more confidence, and ultimately more cash flow.

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How Job Cuts in a Low Unemployment Market Impact Stock Prices

By Robert Brodo | Jan 30, 2024 7:55:28 AM

It’s hard to ignore The Wall Street Journal article with the headline about more big layoffs in 2024. What’s also hard to ignore are the mixed messages about the job market and what they mean to your business in the short-  and long-term.

As we all know by now, the job market data indicates a very robust job market with unemployment remaining surprisingly low. I blogged a few weeks ago on the December data that caught a lot of people off guard and has many worried that there are not enough good people to fill all the job openings.

But at the same time, Google, Amazon, Citigroup, Ebay, Macy’s, Microsoft, Salesforce, Sports Illustrated, and Xerox are just a few of the big companies laying off hundreds of thousands of employees. So what gives? Are things good? Are they bad? And what does the ultimate decider to the answer to that question – Wall Street – think?

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Why Does Everyone Want to Kill the Cash Cow?

By Robert Brodo | Jan 23, 2024 8:00:02 AM

It has been very interesting to watch the mindset trends of learners going through foundational business acumen simulations that are focused on building individual and company business savvy over the past six months.

In many of Advantexe’s core business acumen simulations, learners are presented with a portfolio of products and services that mimic real-world situations. At the most basic level, many companies have mature products, growth products, and new products. One of the most important decisions when you are playing to win is how you will manage the portfolio in terms of investments, resources, and time to optimize performance (revenue, profit, cash flow, and shareholder value).

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Quick Business Acumen Insights on the Surprise Inflation Report

By Robert Brodo | Jan 12, 2024 7:45:05 AM

Last week, I provided a quick analysis on the surprise jobs report. In the blog, I shared a perspective that the continued expected decreasing inflation rate would eventually convince the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates sooner than expected In our opinion, a cut in interest rates would stimulate the economy and be good for business.

A week ago, it seemed an absolute certainty that the inflation rate would continue to decrease, the job market would continue to be white hot, and everyone was buckling up for an uncertain economic future. But seemingly out of nowhere, the Bureau of Labor Statistics sent out a December surprise: seasonally adjusted inflation rose 0.3% for the month and 3.4% for the year. That is a significant number for one month especially when that month is December and the last month of the year.

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The Real Business Acumen of Customer Service

By Robert Brodo | Jan 10, 2024 9:45:57 AM

Business Acumen comes in many shapes and sizes and depending on your function in the organization will inform you of the way you execute the strategy of your business. Customer Service is one of the most important functions within a business and is especially critical in a consumer business like hospitality.

As someone who has dedicated their career to providing business acumen skills to organizations in need of them, I am constantly amazed at the lack of them in organizations and functions where you’d think they are paramount.

What got me thinking about this is an ongoing dialogue I have been having with the service team at the hotel I am staying at this week.

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